Friday, July 8, 2011

William & Kate & Diana, ordinary people?

On the eve of the arrival of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton a creepy painting has been unveiled in their honor. The work is called Ordinary People, William and Kate. The artist is Steven Vaughan and it is on display at The David W. Streets Gallery on Santa Monica Boulevard.

In all honesty I was not the only one to get this feeling of faux pas, I guess the LA Weekly and I share the same taste.

Simone Wilson writes, "The piece...takes royal-obsession shrinage to a new level."

Let us not forget the most recent issue of Newsweek where a photoshopped Diana was aged in a what-if sort of moment.

creepiest painting ever? The royals are bound for LA this morning and this is what LA's best has to welcome them with, a creepy tabloid-esque rendition. Let's get real, Wills doesn't even look like that anymore. Put aside the dead mother image flying over you and your new wife, where is Pippa?

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