Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who needs experience as a tattoo artist when you've got TV

One thing you don't want to see is a lot of angry tattoo artists, or do we?

TLC's newest show Tattoo School will take bubs off the street and put them through 2 weeks of schooling, so they can find their inner tattoo artist.

Yes, they will be practicing on real live skin.

Here is the press release found found on Needles and Sins.

In the United States, the majority of tattoo artists are self-taught. Pick up any of the major tattoo magazines, read the artist biographies and you will find 2 out of 3, on average, are self taught. That means experimenting with Uncle Jimmy on the kitchen table.

The rest have apprenticed under a "master".
Apprenticing falls under the category of the most widely accepted method of learning and most traditional. This avenue has it's ups and downs. If the apprentice studies under a master who is professional, talented, able to teach and medically responsible, it can be a beautiful thing.

However, apprenticeships can quickly dissolve for a variety of reasons. Apprentices often do not handle a tattoo machine in their first year. Instead, they must perform routine shop duties and "earn" their right to tattoo. One of the more common woes is if the shop closes it's doors before your apprenticeship term is fulfilled. The term "refund" does not exist in apprenticeship agreements.

In the last few years a new way to learn the art of tattooing has arrived: licensed, registered tattoo trade schools.

Many old-time artists bristle at the notion of "school" and feel that tradition should prevail in the tattoo lifestyle.

But, like it or not, tattoo schools are here to stay and gaining popularity.

Explainer: So, basically it talks about how since forever tattoo artists have to earn the respect and do regular chores in the shop. But now that is the 21st century, we don't feel like putting in the work and effort, and just go to school for two weeks.

The Facebook group- Boycott Tattoo School

& there are some scary looking tags at this other FB page.

If you are really upset, you can sign an online petition.

But if you just want to watch the show, to see if the students will royally screw up, then it premieres Thursday, July 14th, at 9 p.m.

Until then watch this clip of TLC's other hit show, NYInk.

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