Saturday, August 20, 2011

New York Folk Art Museum Should Close

American Folk Art Museum Closing because nobody cares .

Is that mean?

I, for one do not want to see quilts and would never care to see something as folkie as hand-made wooden furniture in New York City. When I first heard that this was opening I asked myself, "Why?" While I think that, YES, America should have more museums based on itself, the location of New York was not a good one. American art really didn't take presidence until 1950's or so, and the important pieces are already housed in famously fashionable art museums. The Folk Museum is trying to bring back America, but it represents not New York America, so therefore the museum is out of place, and who wouldn't rather spend three hours instead at the MET anyway?

It's not doing so well because, well, people want to see folk things when they are in old towne USA, not the bustling metropolis a.k.a Gotham. People go to the city to escape the country, and people go to the country to escape the city, i.e. the invention of SUBURBIA. While the invention of this quaint little museum is a good idea, it needs to move somewhere else, maybe the South.

While I hate to see such an important piece of our heritage go, it just needs to be moved to a more appropriate location, where the collection will and can be appreciated.

Click here to read more on the financial woes of the Museum.

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