Monday, August 15, 2011

War of the Walls: Syria's Graffiti Revolution

Have you ever heard of a police raid conducted in one's house, but then police graffiti all over the walls in the meantime?

Eyewitness / Hama / AJA: Officers spray graffiti inside houses they raid. Insults, threats, and pro-Assad slogans. #RamadanMassacre #Syrialess than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

شعب يريد اسقاط النظام Le peuple veut faire tomber le régime La gente quiere tirar abajo el regimen.

Syria is the latest country in the string of revolting Middle Eastern countries in the Arab Spring. While youth revolt, fighting for basic human rights and trying to extract the current Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, many are finding themselves at odds with police. The aftermath punishment of one Syrian youth, who was tortured by police, when found tagging criticism of the government.

The fire for revolution was lit when the people of Dara'a, an agricultural town in southern Syria, woke up one March morning in 2011.

Written in black ink, the Arabic words, "The people want the regime to fall." Those fifteen youths were then thrown into jail for speaking up against the government.

Thus, giving birth to the Graffiti Men of the Syrian Uprising and graffiti in Syria and Syrian areas around the world. 

This revolution has been dubbed, War of the Walls, because anti and pro government graffiti and politics has taken to the walls of the streets. In a time where public vocal points can get you killed, the only other way to show support or disgust is to tag walls in the cover of darkness. 

Pro-Syrian Government Propaganda? Translation: "In the heavens God is Allah; on earth God is Bashar."

The Syrian uprising is a unique revolution, because it's about the message and not the individual.  

Currently, Twitter is spreading like wildfire, a stencil of Bashar with an Adolf Hitler mustache, to cut and spray in support for taking down the regime.

If u want to show ur solidarity with #Syria in #graffiti, here's Bashar El #Assad stencil for u to print, cut &spray than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Right now, citizens are using the form of graffiti for a voice and are being either tortured or thrown in jail for it. While the people of Syria still fight for rights and a new government, there will be more tagging and graffiti. Let's just hope that the people don't run out of paint, there is already enough blood spilled on the ground, to have it on the walls.

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