Thursday, May 19, 2011

Video Games as High Art? or were they just high?

So the people over at the National Endowment for the Arts otherwise known as NEA, and most commonly mistaken for an endowment that cares about good art (kidding), is rewarding $88 billion in grants for art.

But they have upset the art world by their recent decision to accept video games and mobile art into their grant system.

The show down has already begun, high art vs. gamers.

With the game industry garnering $11.7 billion in revenue in 2008 and one of the fastest growing fields in technology, game developers can now apply for even more money, as if they did not have enough. Is it fitting or is the video game a misfit in the art world?

 Here are what people are saying.

High art

6 hours ago (10:48 AM)
And the headline photo shows the newest batch of art critics.
4 hours ago (1:51 PM)
So will be funding graffiti next? Surely one could argue that to be "education­al" as well. Of what I won't say...:)


Liz Eckert writes NEA Enters This Century. After Eckert name drops Roger Ebert, who I guess is the all and be all of snuffy art, she goes on to explain about how this will revamp the image of the NEA. Just wait until you see the video the NEA posted, the link is at the end. 

Wired's  Lore Sjöberg wrote  Are Videogames Art? Time Will Tell. In 2010 Sjoberg talked about the cutaways being the artistic points of what a person could consider illustrative art. 

After all is said and done, no one has made a good argument for either side. The gamers, who may be too busy playing games, are not rejoicing. The high art, maybe to busy sulking, is not making any case. 

I think I am more upset about the explanatory grant video the NEA produced. Out of all the interns and artsy people that work at the company could they not have put together something a little more compelling. No fade aways but awkward cuts. Did they not have a computer for Alyce Myatt, the director of MEDIA ARTS, so that she could read from?

View Awkward Video Here at This Link

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