Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Cool artsy foodie Jennifer Rubell was featured in the New York Magazine on her growing up into the art world and how she incorporates it in food. Mention of Andy Warhol and other studs in the modern world while growing up Rubell. It's OK to eat the Art.

Phillip Kennicott has written one of the best pieces on whether Art Has Yet to Own Up To Homosexuality. Though many would think no, after you read this you might think twice. From the the lack of explanations when it comes to the artists own history in USA's museums. To when Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough, pulled the plug on David Wojnarowicz's 'A fire in my belly' video before exhibiting at the Hide/Seek showcase.
Clough was responding to attacks from a militant right-wing Catholic group, as well as the fear of potential budget cuts from a newly Republican-dominated House of Representative.

The Hide/Seek exhibit was to promote the LGBT artists and their influence in art culture. The Smithsonian which cowardly hid its head with the likes of the Brooklyn Museum (BM canceled their 'Art to Streets' for political and "financial" reasons).

Kennicott's advice to museums;
The arts world is by no means the most homophobic institution in U.S. society. But the arts are a laboratory for cultural criticism, and they flourish when they are out in front of cultural change, not catching up to it.

Critic Jerry Saltz went to Venice and came back depressed, about the future anyway. Generation Blank, Saltz writes of the non-exciting, blah, in love with our predessecors, and just content
diarrhea filling art that is not daring.

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