Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotlight: CLOSE a.k.a. David Valencia

David Valencia. 2010.
David Valencia/20/Male
Location: Valencia, Spain.
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AlottaArt: How did you get into art?
David Valencia: I started painting graffities when I was only 14 years old and that´s when I chose my artistic name 'Close.' I have finished my second course of Fine Art in the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

AA: What is your medium?
DV: Basically, the medium I feel more comfortable with is urban art. But, I am learning in my course new techniques and different styles.

AA: In a time of unrest in Europe, especially in Spain, what are the protests like?
DV: Since 15th of May onwards, there have been several demonstrations, where many Spanish citizens have asked for a change in our political system. Such demonstrations have been voluntary and peaceful. Although people have stopped camping on the streets, several meetings are still held all along the Spanish territory with the aim of achieving a general agreement. Obviously, our political system needs to undergo a change and I hope we achieve this goal.

AA: How did this current situation and your surroundings influence your art?
DV: In my last project, I give a strong criticism to the present economy´s situation, the politics´ corruption in my hometown and also in France or Italy, and the repression towards urban art. I also give a touch of humor and irony, representing each of those problems with a letter of my artistic name (CLOSE). I think that we have reached a point where the political and economical European situation has become unsustainable. A change is needed so I offer my support with my art for those citizens who are fighting for that change. Right now, I am preparing different projects in order to show my support with this situation through urban art.

David Valencia. "C." May 2011.

David Valencia. "L." May 2011.
David Valencia. "O." May 2011.
David Valencia. "S." May 2011.
David Valencia. "E." May 2011.

AA: What do you feel your art brings to the world in forms of expression?
DD: First of all, I believe that a true artist has to learn a little bit of everything in order to develop its (their) own style. I think that I am in that process, developing my own style. So I still have plenty of things to learn. Only time will prove whether I achieve my goals or not. Right now, I wouldn´t call myself ´´an artist´´ and I don´t know if I will ever become one of them, but I am sure that hard work will help me achieve my goal. To keep the hard work and follow the right path is my desire. At the moment, I hope to contribute with my work like anyone else does, so I don´t think I am more special than anyone else. I still find difficult to express what I feel and how I want to perform it.

To see more of David Valencia's works visit his website.

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