Friday, July 8, 2011


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Artist Brian Lobel is deleting his friends from Facebook, but with every delete he has to give a reason why and how he knows this person. For four days, the American born- London grown artist will be reading off statements on each of his 1355 friends.

So far of the 45 deleted friends, he had to give good reason as to why he should not delete them. In a time when you can just simply add anyone and delete just as quickly, does our online social experience constitute as to our evolved social in real life?

I truly think this is a brilliant idea, he even has audience members with signs stating whether to delete or keep. Right now he is streaming live and you can watch his painstaking decision.

On Lobel's website, his artist statement mentions how he was deleted off of Friendster by his best friend and first love. This is what prompted Lobel to look into his online social connections.

I think that after every friendship is judged Lobel will compile and explore how people lose touch or if online sociality is even true in it's form.

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