Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sung Hwan Kim, Queens Museum of Art

Ahh, the Queens Museum of Art, which is currently under construction when I strolled in on a that random hot day in March. While I was at the Museum of Science of New York in Queens, NY. I was told to check out the Queens Museum of Art. I literally left out the back door of the science museum. After crossing the bridge it is a two minute walk to the entrance of the museum.

Asking for the newest exhibit I was directed to a small dark room filled with fun house mirrors and television sets. One television showed a human dressed as a dog and the owner reclining in a robe holding a dog leash. Across the room another television juxtaposed a real dog running back and forth.

The exhibit that is on display by the artist is named: From the Commanding Heights of the Earliest Natural Fortification to the Architectonic Innovations of the Watch Tower the Development of Observation Balloons Satellites Surveillance there has been no End to the Enlargement of Field of Perception Whether I Know You or not Matters Less than How You Appear to the Objective Eye.

The exhibit which runs till August 11, 2011
This awesome pamphlet which turns into a poster is a describer of the pieces from the contemporary artist Sung Hwan Kim.

Very interesting...
plus after viewing Kim's show you can see the panorama of NYC which was built in 1964 from the World's Fair, the detail of this piece is RIDICULOUS. Many call the panorama the coolest and a must when in New York, a real gem in the city.

Front of Sung Hwan Kim Leaflet


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