Friday, March 18, 2011

Women's Film Festival

Have you ever sat in a theatre watching a movie and thought, "WOW, this crowd is awesome!" Chances are probably that does not happen too often.

Brattleboro, Vt, might be the best place ever to watch a movie.

As the crowd reacts audibly to a documentary. Yes, the audience was making all kinds of sounds during a DOCUMENTARY.

We were no longer the audience, as corny as it sounds you felt like you were actually there.

Silence over took the Latchis Theatre when while watching Bhutto (not so much of a spoiler) was assassinated. The Latchis which is an actual theatre but is presented like a mini Opera House.

The film itself was SUPERB, telling a complete and wonderful story, but is really hard when your subject is truly amazing?

We were sad when Bhutto's family was sad, we laughed when the inane happened, and smiled when the people of Pakistan overcame.  

At the end of the movie there was a Q & A session with one of the commentators in the doc, Vermont Senator Peter Galbraith. A close college friend of Bhuttos' during her time at Harvard.

I caught up with the Senator after they ushered out the remaining folks, another film was about to show, there was a line, which I have not seen since the 90s.

On my way out I asked the concession stand attendant is it always this busy? He said, "OH YEAH."

Special Note: The doc was a part of the Women's Film Festival which was being put on by the Women's Freedom Center. It used to be called the Women's Crisis Center, but they've changed to FREEDOM, empowering change.

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