Saturday, April 2, 2011



Warpaint a band that was born in LA which consists of four females who will rock your socks off. I went to the show on Tuesday 03.29.11 at Paradise in Boston.

There was a sea of people waiting for the band to come on stage. The most surprising aspect of this show was the generation gap. The mix of teeny hipsters drinking sodas and the silver foxes drinking wine was truly something different.

I unlike many like to stand up in the mezzanine by the sound mixers and the electrical technicians. I like to see the communications between the artist. I feel its better than standing by their feet and voyeuristiclly staring at them for more than an hour.

During the show the amount of swaying and WOOING was very surprising, I would never think to WOO at this kind of music. But other than that, what a magical show.

WARPAINT's playing is soo dreamy.

I think that it was appropriate to cover them this week because when everyone asks them, "Well, what is your sound?" They respond with, "I don't know."

They play very well and they are so raw cannot describe their own presence.

The Boston Globe's article was ehhh ummm...alright. I didn't think that the tiny blurb was sufficient enough...

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