Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kanye West's Monster, another art vid?

Kanye West in Monster Video.
In Kanye West's new controversial video he is proclaiming it as art as well. Released just a few days after Rihanna's 'Man Down' video which claimed that it was also an art piece.

In the video it shows women's bodies hanging around rapper Rick Ross. While Kanye West lays in a bed with two other corpses, propping and positioning them. The video shows gratuitous amounts of blood and dead bodies, which correlates to the theme of a 'MONSTER' (a little GAGA much).

The video opens with a statement: "The following content is in no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such." 

MTV has not aired the music video and has asked for edits to be done in order to air. Since MTV has yet to receive the requested edits they have not aired it. MTV claims that it has been banned for the visual mistreatment of females.

Here are some comments from Huffpost users. 

18 minutes ago (12:19 PM)
It is art but it bad art

23 minutes ago (12:15 PM)
It is weird....t­hat is for sure. I don't know I feel about the corpses. But the part with Nicki Minaj was brilliant. 
Her alter ego even sounds different. We have only begun to see what she is capable of. The girl is smart.

To think and to be fully alive are the same.
17 minutes ago (12:22 PM)
Sexual objectific­ation of women in a rap video? 

How creative. (sarcasm)

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