Monday, April 11, 2011


    At the end of the National Conference for Media Reform (which I will talk about later) I realized that I needed to get some art stories for this week. Besides all the subconscious advertising for Dale Chihuly's Glass pieces plastered around the Boston area I was trying to find a gallery or some sort of museum. I stopped and asked a cop who I presumed would know the area and give me a tip, maybe where the art section of Boston was? Nope, I was so wrong. He told me to go to the bars and I continued on my merry ways downtown, hoping that downtown meant some culture...Nope. I was then redirected to the ICA which is the Institute of Contemporary Art but that would cost me $15. Since I do not have 'legit' credentials and am 'just a blogger' I could not get in for free like most places. I left the area, more like ran away from it.

Is the MFA for $20 too much money to see art?
ICA for $15... NOPE

   I attempted to walk into the MFA, but as the signs for Valet parking and the movements of the parker were too distracting for me to consciously make it into the actual museum without already feeling overwhelmed. After reading the ticket price which said $20 for admission, I like most students looked for the alternative price, the student/senior price. Which was $18, the equivalent of getting into Boston and back to New Hampshire, so, NOPE.

   I hear the cries of the ever resonating sound of those who do not understand art.  Prices  for admission to get into an art museum are so exacerbated that we who make a living of barely nothing must scrape the bottom of our pockets in order to get in. Living in Europe for five months I got into every museum for FREE, you only have to be a student within the EU. How wonderful! A place were students can actually eat and be educated, at the same time. WHAT A CONCEPT!

   Maybe the MFA needs to raise some more money after that $20 mill they dropped on a Degas painting quite a few years back, which in its own right is not even that famous. While in Paris I was walking around the Museum of Sex, which was not really a museum just had a lot of raunchy stuff and decided to call themselves a museum for the touristic purposes. Behind plastic slabs which were nailed to the wall crookedly I then noticed it was a 'DEGAS.' It was jumbled with the rest of the photos and other 'stuff.' Having the people suffer for semi-famous work by super-famous artists just does not make sense.

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